An Archery Range in a Wenzhou Scenic Spot Cruelly Uses Live Chickens as Targets

wenzhou archery range live chicken

When enjoying the amazing scenery of NanxiRiver in YongjiaCounty, Wenzhou, some tourists recently found that an archery range at Lion Rock Scenic Spot should cruelly use live chickens as targets to solicit business, which has raised great dispute and disgust.

The simple archery range is located on the beach of the famous NanxiRiver with only one table, on which lies several bows and a bundle of arrows. At a distance of 5 meters is a blue wall displaying two targets, each of which is accompanied with a live chicken tied with red cloth. Behind the wall, there is a coop caging dozens of chickens.

According to the archery range owner, he has been running the range for several years, and the chicken shooting has been added recently. The new game does attract a lot of people every day. People pay 10 Yuan for two arrows, and if they can shoot the red heart on the target or the live chicken, they can get a chicken as a reward.

Though the chicken shooting attracts some people, many tourists express their great disgust against such animal cruelty, which they think should be banned by relevant authorities.


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