Wenzhou Makes Stricter Foreign Teacher Management

wenzhou makes stricter foreign teacher management

Recently, the Wenzhou authority unveiled a fresh policy on certifying and managing those institutions that are to hire foreign experts. According to the new regulations, only after an educational institution is certified to hire foreign experts and granted with an annually-inspected certificate are they permitted to employ foreign teachers.

Along with the increasing number of institutions qualified for hiring foreign teachers in recent years, more and more foreign teachers have come to Wenzhou and worked for different local educational institutions, which without doubt has caused some problems. The statistics show that there are 274 foreign teachers in total working in Wenzhou by the end of 2013.

As the new policy states, an institution which applies to be a certified institution to hire foreign experts shall meet certain requirements. For example, it must be an independent legal-person entity; it has to be accredited by the industry to which it belongs; it should equipped with a specific department and professional staff competent for foreign expert management and service; it shall establish complete management systems for foreign experts as well as foreign affairs staff; it should have adequate working, living and safeguarding facilities and capacities necessary for hiring foreign experts; it should be adequately funded to employ foreign experts with the minimum fund for each foreign expert at 150,000 Yuan per year. In addition, those educational institutions for preschool education and nine-year compulsory education are by principle not allowed to hire foreign teachers.

In the future, Wenzhou will continue to tighten the management over the employment of foreign teachers so as to keep off those foreign teachers with fake degrees and titles and ensure educational quality. Institutions shall hire qualified foreign teachers through reliable and authorized channels, who should be under 65, physically and psychologically healthy without any criminal records and with certain teaching experience as well as a bachelor’s degree or above, and TESOL or TEFL certificate.


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