The State Council Approves the Expansion of Wenzhou Port’s Opening-Up

the state council approves the expansion of wenzhou port opening Up

After the Wenzhou Airport was officially approved to open its doors to overseas airlines in 2012, Wenzhou is witnessing a new breakthrough in the city’s opening-up. On February 21, 2014, the State Council formally approved the Wenzhou Port’s expansion in its openness to make it an international port. In the future, the Wenzhou Port will be able to develop more international routes.

According to the approval from the State Council, the total port shoreline of the Wenzhou Port approved for expansion is 3,966 meters long with 13 berths, among which 3,872 meters is located in the Zhuangyuan’ao Harbor Area, and 94 meters in the Pingyang Harbor Area. In the Zhuangyuan’ao Harbor Area, 2,752 meters of the shoreline is for 9 container berths and 1,120 meters for 3 chemical berths.

As introduced by Zhu Zhongming, standing committee member of the CPC Wenzhou Municipal Committee, the application for the approval of the Wenzhou Port’s expansion in its opening-up started in 2004. After ten year’s efforts with great obstacles, the approval is finally achieved. Meanwhile, the approval is only a good start, and a lot of improvements have to be made in the future to make the Wenzhou Port a main platform serving the development of Wenzhou’s export-oriented economy.

The Wenzhou Port was once set to be a regional hub port in the southeastern China and one of 25 main ports in China. However, it had not been officially opened up for many years due to various external limitations, thus lagging behind other ports in China. The official approval this time will eliminate those restraining conditions, and the port will develop more international shipping routes and attract more international shipping enterprises.

Previously, Wenzhou only opened up some small harbors to international shippers. 95% of goods from Wenzhou had to be transported from the ports in Shanghai and Ningbo etc. The expanded opening-up is the first step to invite Wenzhou exporters to use the Wenzhou Port for shipping their goods.


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