Wenzhou’s Imported Beer Sees Record Growth in 2014’s First Two Months

wenzhou imported beer see record growth

Beer is becoming a new force among Wenzhou’s main imports together with wine and milk powder. According to the statistics from Wenzhou’s inspection and quarantine authority, Wenzhou imported 158,000 litres of beer in the first two months of 2014, increasing by 5.1 times on a year-on-year basis. The total import value came to 502,000 US dollars, a 14 times year-on-year rise. Nearly all imported beer in Wenzhou comes from Belgium and Germany. Belgian beer makes up 88.8% of the total import, worth 445,000 US dollars.

As told by a beer vendor in Wenzhou, imported beers, compared with domestic beers dominated by light beer, cover more styles, including stout, white beer, pale ale, fruit beer and non-alcoholic beer etc. Also, they offers more different flavors varying from bitter taste, tart, astringent, burnt to fruit. For the packaging of imported beers, they are bottled in more diversified ways, such as aluminum bottle, glass bottle and aluminum pot etc. The alcoholic strength varies from 0° non-alcohol to 50° high alcoholic content. At present, the most popular imported beers generally have an alcoholic strength higher than 4°.

As far as the price of imported beer is concerned, it is much higher than that of domestic beer. Take those beers sold in a Wenzhou supermarket for example, a bottle of 500ml imported cellared beer is priced at around 15 Yuan (2.5 US dollars), and a keg of 5L beer is much more expensive at a price ranging from 180 Yuan (30 US dollars) to 220 Yuan (36 US dollars). On the contrary, the price of those mainstream domestic beers is generally 3 Yuan (0.5 US dollar) to 5 Yuan (0.8 US dollar) for 330ml. As the statistics from relevant authorities show, the average CIF price of imported beers this year is 3.18 US dollars per litre, a 146.5% year-on-year increase.

Currently, the main customers of imported beer are bars, pubs as well as beer lovers and those having a higher economic status. However, in spite of the increasing popularity of imported beer, some beer vendors in Wenzhou also express some worries about the prospect of this new business. As more foreign beer brands are introduced into the market, it is inevitable that some bad-quality beers will also come along so that consumers will be unable to make a right choice.


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