Adopted Chinese-British Girl Searches for Birth Parents in Wenzhou

adopted chinese girl searches for her birth parents

On March 20, 2016, Mr. and Mrs. Brown from London came to Wenzhou with their son and their adopted daughter, Elena Lian Tongzhen, who hoped to reconnect with her biological parents and learn more about her hometown, Wenzhou. Elena, 6 years old now, was born in Wenzhou in June, 2010. She was abandoned in a hospital soon after her birth. The premature infant was treated and finally sent to Wenzhou Children’s Welfare Institute.

In 2006, Mr. and Mrs. Brown came to China for the first time and had a great affection for the country. The couple decided to adopt a Chinese child and applied to the relevant authority. Their dream was not realized until the year of 2012, when they met the 2-year-old Elena, named Sun Tongzhen in Chinese by the people in the institute then in Wenzhou.

In August, 2012, Mrs. Brown visited Wenzhou and took Elena back to London. In the beginning period of living in London, the little girl was not used to the new life there, always crying and feeling insecure. Mrs. Brown thus quitted her job to take care of her. After one year, Elena started calling her Mum in English and becoming a true member of the loving family. Although the couple love Elena very much, they do not want to hide her origin from their adopted daughter. They gave Lian as her middle name, which meant lotus in Chinese, to remind her Chinese root. They also take Elena to a language school to learn Chinese. Elena loves China, her hometown, especially Hanfu, a traditional Chinese costume. As Elena gradually grew, the couple thought it was time to take their daughter back to China and pay a visit to her hometown, Wenzhou.

During their visit to Wenzhou, the couple took Elena to visit some landmarks in the city, like Wuma Street, Nanxi River and Jiangxin Island etc, and also tasted many local delicacies. Knowing their daughter’s love for traditional Chinese clothing, they tailored a Hanfu specially for Elena in Wenzhou. Mrs. Brown said, “We want Elena to learn about her hometown to make her life more complete.” Meanwhile, the couple hope that Elena can reconnect with her birth parents.

Unfortunately, after several days’ efforts, there is still no clue about Elena’s biological parents.


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