Export of PU Resin from Wenzhou Maintains a Fast Growth

wenzhou export pu resins

According to the statistics from Wenzhou Entry-Exit Inspection & Quarantine Bureau, the export of polyurethane (PU) resins from Wenzhou maintains a fast growth in January and February this year to reach 11,000 tons and a total value of USD 17.9 million, increasing by 38% and 5% respectively year-on-year.

Polyurethane is a widely-used polymer with various applications, such as shoes, hats, sofas, mattresses, aircraft coatings and building materials etc. Huafon Group, a national high and new technology enterprise located in the Rui’an area of Wenzhou, is a main exporter of PU resin in Wenzhou. Last year, 503,000 tons of PU resins for shoe sole were produced in China, and Huafon supplied more than half of them. Meanwhile, the company is also the biggest exporter of PU resins in China at present. In the year of 2015, Wenzhou suppliers exported nearly 46,000 tons of PU resins, worth USD 94.74 million.

Most of PU resins from Wenzhou are exported to Pakistan, India, Vietnam, Iran and Thailand, among which Pakistan ranks the top buyer. In recent years, China’s production capacity of PU resins has expanded rapidly. However, the shoes-making industry is gradually moving to areas with a lower labor cost like Southeast Asia and South Asia as the production costs in China are soaring, driving PU resin suppliers in China to make greater efforts in exploring the international market to cope with the staggering domestic demand.


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