Wenzhou’s Exported Razors Returned by EU for Quality Problems

wenzhou razor returned

Because of different quality problems, several batches of razors exported from Wenzhou have been returned recently. It is learned from Wenzhou Entry-Exit Inspection & Quarantine Bureau that four batches of exported razors were returned to Wenzhou from EU countries including Slovenia, Holland and Spain etc. during the Chinese Spring Festival this year. The total number of the returned razors reached 112,681, a worth of USD 1.604 million.

According to some insider from the bureau, all returned goods are men’s electric 3-blade razors, which have passed relevant EU safety certifications and inspections by buyers. “According to the feedbacks from customers abroad, the blade parts when used are easy to fall off to make a low comfortability and possibly hurt skin. Thus, these razors were recalled and returned to the exporter.”

As is told by the insider, the customers in the EU market have a high requirement for the safety and functionality of small daily-used household appliances. In addition to the safety, they care much about the functionality and comfortability when a product is used. “It will be a major task for the exporter to improve the quality to the customers’ satisfaction in their production.”


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