Wenzhou’s Textile Shoes Sell Well in Europe and US Supermarkets

In recent days, six production lines of Rui’an Yunjiang Canvas Shoes Factory have been working overtime for the orders of canvas rubber shoes from Germany Deichmann. Meanwhile, export orders in the next couple of months have been fully scheduled. It is a common case among various textile shoes manufacturers in Wenzhou. According to the statistics from Wenzhou Customs, the export of Wenzhou textile shoes reaches USD 149 million from January to May this year, a 42.14% year-on-year rise.

Most canvas rubber shoes factories in Rui’an gather in Xianjiang Town and neighboring Feiyun Town. Manufacturers in Xianjiang Town are mainly engaged in the domestic market, while those in Feiyun Town in the international market.

Germany Deichmann and LIDL and U.S Wal-Mart etc are main partners of textile shoes factories in Wenzhou. In Wenzhou, Juyi Group, a reputed shoes manufacturer, is also an OEM supplier for Spain ZARA and Germany Deichmann. As estimated by Yang Yudi, deputy general manager of Zhejiang Anbang Shoes Industry, nearly 70% of shoes factories in Feiyun Town have cooperated with big supermarkets in Europe and U.S.

Most orders of Zhejiang Anbang Shoes Industry come from Germany LIDL and the company exported around 3 million pairs of canvas rubber shoes last year. ”Previously, we were an OEM supplier for famous brands like Rooster and Kappa etc, but the share is decreasing.” According to, the margin of orders from these brands is relatively high, but they generally ask for various models with fewer quantity and stricter requirements. Though the profit of orders from big supermarkets is lower, but they give large orders.

From January to May this year, Juyi Group exports 7.5 million pairs of textile shoes, 20% of the total export of the company, and a 25% increase over the same period last year. Deng Yunshou, manager of foreign trade department, told that the growth of textile shoes export of the company has been always higher than that of leather shoes in recent two years. Deng also said that textile shoes are well received by foreigners because of their different models and low prices. “After the financial crisis, the purchasing power in Europe and U.S is at a lower ebb and people begin to turn to cheap rubber shoes instead of costly leather shoes.” Zhu Juhua, manager of foreign trade department of Wenzhou Jindi Shoes Industry gave another reason for the hot selling of textile shoes that they are more environmentally friendly with little influence from export quota and anti-dumping measures.

At present, the canvas rubber shoes industry still relies on intensive labor force, and it is because the intensive labor force at a relatively low cost that attracts orders from Shenzhen and other places to Feiyun Town. Lin Zhenguang, president of Rui’an Feiyue Shoes Industry, is a bit worried about it. Although the orders are increasing, their expansion meets with such problems as rising labor and raw material costs.


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