2010 WOF Starts with a New Trend

wenzhou optical manufacturers turns to domestic market at 2010 WOF

The 8th Wenzhou International Optics Fair raises its curtain on July 10, 2010 with more than 300 exhibitors to expect thousands of professional buyers. The greatest change at the fair this year lies in the business shift of Wenzhou optical manufacturers. They do not simply rely on export, and instead they are making great efforts in exploring the domestic market.

At the fair, exhibitors from Wenzhou only account for 40%, while around 20% of exhibitors come from neighboring Duqiao of Linhai City, a small town supplying eyewear parts for Wenzhou optical manufacturers.

Chen Zhaoshui, chairman of Linhai Optical Association, thought the increasing participation of Linhai optical manufacturers is related to the business shift of Wenzhou optical industry. “Factories in Duqiao were originally making optical parts for Wenzhou enterprises, but they have received more orders for finished products from Wenzhou partners in recent two years.” Chen said. He added that Wenzhou manufacturers have to focus more on cost since they are exploring the domestic market where the operation cost is much higher than that of foreign trade. Meanwhile, the small scale of factories as well as the low production cost in Duqiao makes it an ideal production base for Wenzhou enterprises’ virtual management.

As revealed by staff from Rui’an Chengxin Optical Industry, 90% of their orders were from foreign trade in previous years, but the proportion has been down to 70% since the last year. According to the fair statistics last year, it is estimated that thousands of buyers will visit the fair and most of them are domestic buyers. In addition, China Glasses Strategic Union composed of over 500 professional optical enterprises with an annual sale of more than 20 million each will have a face-to-face talk with exhibitors, which also shows the urgent demand of the business shift of Wenzhou optical manufacturers.

In order to attract domestic buyers, exhibitors spare no efforts in showing their products. Some offer new products like kids eyewear, and some show featured products specially designed for the international market. At the fair, the part in the lime is a special section for wholesaling stocks where ten companies set up their booths. These booths meet the demand of some companies since they have certain stocks.


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