DWEA Comes to Wenzhou for Electricals

DEWA comes to wenzhou for electricals

In the next ten years, the Gulf countries will invest USD 200 billion in the construction of their power infrastructure. Lately, Dubai Water and Electricity Authority (DWEA) joined hands with Wenzhou Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation Bureau to hold an introduction forum in Yueqing City for the power project bids in Dubai and other Gulf countries. Electric switches and power generation units etc are among what they are going to bring in.

Are there business opportunities in investing in the Gulf countries? According to DWEA, the population in the Gulf countries has increased rapidly in recent years and the construction of more and more infrastructure has made an increasing demand for electricity in the Middle East. In the next ten years, the Gulf Countries will invest USD 200 billion in satisfying the growth of their power demand. Take Dubai for example, in the next 5-6 years, the total investment of Dubai’s power equipment will exceed USD 100 billion, including the largest power plant in the world with an investment of more than USD 15 billion. In addition, the annual purchase of DWEA stays around RMB 60-70 billion.

Why is DWEA interested in Wenzhou? “As a common practice, if Wenzhou suppliers want to seek orders from projects of foreign governments, they generally need to deal with agents.” Explained by Chen Qi, Director of Investment Promotion Center of Wenzhou Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation Bureau. “The reason why Dubai government comes here to directly communicate with Wenzhou suppliers is that they also want to keep clear of agents to reduce their purchase cost and achieve a double-win result.”

Yueqing City is the capital of China’s electrical industry. Another purpose of DWEA’s visit is to bring in Yueqing’s electric equipment, including electric switches, power generation units, lamps and accessories etc. Moreover, they are also interested in some environmental protection equipment, such as wastewater treatment equipment and technology and equipment for domestic waste collection, transportation and treatment etc.


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