Wenzhou to be the Largest City by Population in Zhejiang Province, China

wenzhou to be the largest city by population in zhejiang province china

According to the Zhejiang report of the 6th national population census released on May 6, 2011, Wenzhou has a total permanent population of 9.1221 million to be the largest city by population in Zhejiang Province, whose total permanent population reaches 54.4296 million.

The main reason for the continuous expansion of Zhejiang’s population lies in the fast growth of incoming population from other provinces in China. The immigrants from other parts of China promote the economic development of Zhejiang Province and satisfy Zhejiang’s great appetite for labors. Meanwhile, their working in Zhejiang Province also improves the income level of their hometowns and greatly facilitates the balanced development of different areas of China. However, the statistics from the census also show that Zhejiang Province is faced with challenges in its population, economy and social development. For example, the trend of an aging population is accelerating, the scale of the floating population continues to expand, and the male-female birth ratio stays at a relatively high level. All these problems will bring great impacts on the development of population, economy and society.


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