16 Wenzhou Firms will Show up at the Coming Germany INTERSOLAR 2011

16 wenzhou firms will show up at the coming germany INTERSOLAR 2011

Over 90% of China’s photovoltaic products are for export. How will Wenzhou’s PV firms get a part of the global market share as newcomers? It is reported that 16 Wenzhou firms including CHINT Solar, Tianjing Solar and Jingri Solar etc will form a group to participate in the coming Germany INTERSOLAR 2011 in Munich from June 8 to June 10, 2011.

INTERSOLAR 2011 in Munich, Germany is the world top annual expo for solar and photovoltaic products, covering solar water heater, solar battery, monocrystalline silicon, polycrystalline silicon, thin film, PV power generation and PV inverter etc. INTERSOLAR 2010 attracted 1,880 exhibitors and 72,000 visitors, a 20% year-on-year increase.

"Compared with those foreign PV firms with a capacity of hundreds of MW, Wenzhou enterprises have a relatively small production capacity between 5 to 50 MW. Due to the small scale of a single firm, we have to join as a group.” Said by Wang Niansun, executive chairman of the Association of Wenzhou Electronics and Information Industry. He also added, “Wenzhou is gradually forming a complete PV industrial chain with a capacity of about 700 MW as a whole. At present, more than 300 MW has come into production.” In addition, as the PV industry is technology and capital intensive, Wenzhou will have a great potential because of its huge private capital and more conventional firms entering into the industry.” According to statistics, there are more than 30 PV firms in Wenzhou, most of which are located in Wenzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone.

However, in spite of the bright prospect, some people show great concern about the staggering market this year. “For example, the price of the solar batter has dropped from the highest 31 Yuan to 6 Yuan per one Watt.” A manager said. His company was expected to have an output of 300 million Yuan from January to May this year, but the reality is only 150 million Yuan.

Hence, Wenzhou firms have a great expect for INTERSOLAR 2011. “Wenzhou firms must show up at more fairs to win more orders for future development.” Said by a person from Wenzhou Hengguang New Energy Co., Ltd. As revealed by Wenzhou Jingri Solar, they plan to have more contacts with PV suppliers in Europe during the expo and try to find a local OEM partner so as to have a bigger name in the industry.


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