Wenzhou Medical College Permitted to Admit International Students under Chinese Government Scholarship Program

wenzhou medical college permitted to admit international students under chinese government scholarship program

Recently, Department of International Cooperation and Exchanges under China’s Ministry of Education has notified that Wenzhou Medical College is permitted to admit international students under Chinese Government Scholarship Program. In the future, the Ministry of Education will entrust Wenzhou Medical College to conduct the education of international students under Chinese Government Scholarship Program and provide corresponding fees.

Chinese Government Scholarship Program is established to provide scholarships for international students or scholars recruited by the Chinese Government to study and do research in China’s higher education institutions so as to improve the mutual understanding and friendship and develop the exchange and cooperation in education, science, technology, culture, economy and trade between China and other countries.

Wenzhou Medical College has been allowed to admit self-financed overseas students since 1993 and established its School of International Studies in 2006 to recruit international students for degree education in medicine. For the recent five years, the college has made great efforts in developing its international students program. At present, it has 563 overseas students, including 458 for degree education and 105 for non-degree education. The overseas students of Wenzhou Medical College come from more than 40 countries from all over the world with the total number of international students ranking the first among all higher education institutions in Zhejiang Province. Wenzhou Medical College’s being permitted to admit international students under Chinese Government Scholarship Program this time will greatly promote and expand its international students education.


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