• Wenzhou Yiyu Sealing Material Co., ltd.

Wenzhou Yiyu Sealing Material Co., Ltd. is situated in Longwan District, Wenzhou. The company covers an area of 20,000 square meters with skilled technicians and engineers. The sealing products are widely used in petroleum processing, oil refining, electricity generation, textile and other light industries, pharmaceuticals, nature gas pipelines, valves, flanges as well as many others. The main products include ring joint gaskets, spiral wound gaskets, flange gaskets, oval ring gaskets, RTJ gaskets, metal o-rings, flexible graphite knitted packing, dental gaskets, octagonal gaskets, sandwiched asbestos gaskets, flexible graphite packing sets, fluorine rubber gaskets, aromatic polyamide fiber packing sets, carbon fiber packing sets, twisting gaskets, highly strong graphite compound gaskets, PTFE gaskets, PTFE coated gaskets and PTFE packing sets.

Main Products: Sealing Materials

Location: Longwan District, Wenzhou, China

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