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Founded in 1983, Fangzheng Valve Group Co., Ltd. now has six subsidiaries, many overseas offices and a sales network throughout China. It occupies a total land area of 76,000 square meters with over 780 employees and an annual production capacity of 32,000 tons. Fangzheng Valve Group makes overall arrangements for the demands between each factory and each market through ERP system, and has a machining center with more than 400 sets of machining equipment and metal heat treatment equipment of good quality such as numerically-controlled machine tool, numerically-controlled boring-milling machine, general-purpose machine tool, large vertical lathe, spherical lathe, etc., various test methods for chemical composition analysis, mechanical property test and UT, MT, PT nondestructive examination of materials, test equipment such as desk type spectrograph, material impact tester, portable hardness (Brinell) tester, PMI spectral analyzer, coating thickness gauge, ultrasonic wall thickness gauge, fireproof test devices with Lloyds certification, ultralow temperature and high temperature test system, torque test system, low-temperature leakage test system, etc., to effectively control the product quality. Fangzheng Valve Group has been honored with multiple national new technical patents for the development of pressure balance hard seal plug valve, self-lubricating hard seal plug valve, flexible/hard double seal mud valve, ball valve for long-distance transportation, plug valve for long-distance transportation, valve for pig launcher and receiver etc.

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