• Zhejiang Five-Star Steel Tube Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Formerly known as Zhejiang Five-star Steel Tube Factory, Zhejiang Five-Star Steel Tube Manufacturing Co., Ltd, is located in Yongzhong, Longwan District, Wenzhou with a plant covering 13,500 square meters. The company has a strong technical team with 228 technical staff. It offers high-quality products with advanced management, lower energy consumption and advanced production equipment to guarantee reliable quality.

The company mainly produces austenite stainless steel, including 0-1Crl8Ni9-10(Ti), 0Crl8Nil2Mo2Ti, 00Crl7Nil4Mo2, 00Crl9Nil0, 0Cr25Ni20, 0Cr25Ni20Si2, 904L(Ф6Ф630mm, thickness 0.5-25mm) in accordance with national standards, ASTM and Japan JIS standards. The products are widely used in such industries as petroleum, chemical, pharmaceuticals, machinery, automobile, food, aerospace, and construction etc and have been well praised by customers.

zhejiang five star steel


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