Wenzhou University Town

wenzhou university town

Wenzhou University Town, also called Wenzhou Higher Education Mega Center, sits at the foot of the picturesque Daluo Mountain in the Chashan Sub-District, a township about 20km southeast of the downtown Wenzhou.

With a planned area of 8 square kilometers, the university town serves as the home to the campuses of four main universities and colleges in Wenzhou, namely Wenzhou University, Wenzhou Medical University, Wenzhou Business College and Wenzhou Vocational and Technical College. At present, Wenzhou University Town has developed to accommodate a total student population of 55,725, among whom the majority are undergraduate students, 3,073 are graduate students and 519 international students. The university town brings three teaching institutions together and focuses on the sharing of educational facilities and resources with different functional sections for teaching, public services and apartments for students and faculty.

The central public area occupies an area of over 400,000 square meters, including a large business center, a library, a grand performance hall and a huge square surrounded by lawns, trees and rivers, to make a full use of all educational resources by all students and teachers in the town. The business center, close to the bus stop, is the place where people can find various necessities and conveniences of life, such as supermarket, restaurants, clothing stores, cafes, KFC, pub, hotel and even a cinema.

The university town is easily accessible with a convenient transportation. Several bus lines run between the town and the city center. The highway exit Wenzhou South Toll Gate is just a few kilometers’ away. The Chashan Sub-District, where the university town is located, has a good living environment with rivers and mountains. It is a well-known place in Wenzhou not only for the universities, but also for its waxberry, or Yangmei in Chinese. Also, Wenzhou Amusement Park is situated in the same area.


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