Featured Streets in Wenzhou

Wuma Street (五马街)

wenzhou wuma street

400 meters long and 12 meters wide, the Wuma Street is one of the oldest streets in the downtown area of Wenzhou with a history of thousands of years. Most buildings along the street are of Western style dating back to the late Qing Dynasty. On the street, you will find some century-old stores for local specialties. At present, Wuma Street, as a pedestrian street, is the most famous business street in Wenzhou which most travelers will not miss during their visit to Wenzhou. Hundreds of stores stand along the street, selling shoes, clothes and local specialties.

Shamaohe Lady Street (纱帽河)

wenzhou shamaohe

Close to the Wuma Street, Shamaohe is a small street only about 270 meters long full of ladies shops selling women’s shoes, clothes, cosmetics and decorations as well as small restaurants for fried dumplings and Sushi etc, giving the street another name the Ladies’ Street in Wenzhou. The change of Shamaohe from an unknown street to a famous destination in Wenzhou has shown the canniness, competence and beauty of Wenzhou ladies. After the reconstruction, it has returned to its old style with simplicity and classical fashion. Wandering on the street, you will see red lanterns hanging everywhere to be a line of scenery together with those Wenzhou beauties.

Jiefang Street (解放街)

jiefang road

The Jiefang Street, one of the oldest streets still existing in the city center of Wenzhou, reserves its ancient charm and original buildings, most of which are of two floors. Also, if you are interested in the history of the city, taking a walk at some small lanes along the street will give you another facet of Wenzhou, as the area along the Jiefang Street was once the most central area in the old Wenzhou. On north section of the street, you can find some reputed restaurants for local snacks in Wenzhou, like tall-man wonton, lamp cake, rice dumpling, noodle and tangyuan etc.

European City (欧洲城)

wenzhou european city

The European City at the Jiangbin West Road in the downtown Wenzhou is a popular place for dining, shopping and nightlife, where you can find Chinese restaurants, Western restaurants, fast-food chains, cafes, bars and grills, gyms, yoga houses, cinema, indoor play centers for kids, Wal-Mart store, bowling and pool places and game houses etc. The Western restaurants in European City include Pizza Hut, Papa John’s and Amico Pizza etc. In a word, the European City is a place gathering most life conveniences in Wenzhou. If you are a new comer to Wenzhou, it will be a great place for you to take meals and enjoy some nightlife activities.

Shuomen Street (朔门街)

wenzhou shuomen street

Along the Wangjiang Road in Wenzhou are numerous high-rises with a busy traffic. However, a quiet and peaceful street behind the prosperity is showing its unique flavor. The small street starting from Shuimentou on the east and ending at the Jiefang Road on the west is 380 meters long and 6 meters wide, where the narrowest place is only 2.9 meters wide. Now, it is the only old street which is the most completely preserved in the city of Wenzhou. Since it is situated at Shuomen, one of seven old city gates in Wenzhou, it is called Shuomen Street.

Since the Ming and Qing Dynasties, Shuomen has been a famous commercial street in Wenzhou. As it was close to the ancient southern port of the Oujiang River, Shuomen Street was the busy road for people to enter the city from the north and there were many shops for daily commodities, seafood, cakes, incenses and candles along the street. However, along with the development of the society, the city center has gradually moved to other places and Shuomen Street also lost its commercial prosperity to be a residential block. Only those old city walls still standing witness its previous glory.

In 2006, the government began to reconstruct the old street to recover its old flavor. Now, it has been the home for more than 50 shops of curiosities, calligraphy and painting, books, tea, coffee and sculpture etc. A once-empty street is gradually recovering its previous prosperity. Meanwhile, many Wenzhou people have also found a perfect place to enjoy the old flavor of Wenzhou City. There, you can find a lot of old traditions, delicacies, artworks and nightclubs.

Nantang Street (南塘街)

wenzhou nantang street

The Nantang Street, the city lounge in the city of Wenzhou, has a long history dating back to the Southern Song Dynasty. The newly-rebuilt street sits along the Nantang River and neighbors Bailuzhou Park, a major park in the city center, making it a great leisure place in the city. Named Impression NT, the Nantang area has turned into a large-scale commercial complex with different facilities for leisure, shopping, dining, entertainment and cultural events, where people can walk around the neighboring park, have a cup of coffee, beer or tea in the cafes, teahouses or beer houses lining the Nantang Street, enjoy tasty cuisine of different countries in the surrounding restaurants and spend a happy night at the pubs and bars there.


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