Creative Parks in Wenzhou

Zhejiang Creative Park

wenzhou zhejiang creative park

Opening in November 2009, Zhejiang Creative Park at No. 7, Xueyuan Middle Road (学院中路) in Wenzhou is built by creatively reconstructing the old plants of the former Wenzhou Metallurgical Machinery Factory in the urban area of Wenzhou. The historical workshops and warehouses are developed and transformed into offices and studios for cultural and creative industries, and the styles and features of the old buildings are still maintained in the meantime. Currently, the park is managed by Zhejiang Creative Park Culture Communication Co., Ltd., a joint venture by Zhejiang Industry & Trade Vocational College and Wenzhou Daily Press Group.

7#LOFT, the first-phrase project of Zhejiang Creative Park, occupies an area of about 6,000 square meters with two sections, the creative design section and the Seventh Art Center. At present, more than 40 creative enterprises has stationed for brand planning, animation production, commercial photography, graphic design and artwork show. The Seventh Art Center, armed with advanced light and audio equipment, is an excellent place for artwork exhibition, live performance, training, product design show and fashion events.

In July 2013, the Industry Design Building, a major project of the park, was completed by reconstructing the original 5,000-square-meter bocce ball court. The building has attracted the stationing of a dozen of famous local industrial design companies and institutions to provide industrial design, home design, cartoon derivative, 3D printing, as well as customized shoes, clothes and bags.

Wenzhou Creative Software Park

creative software park wenzhou

Wenzhou Creative Software Park (Wisdom Valley 智慧谷), located at No. 789, Chezhan Avenue (车站大道) in the downtown Wenzhou, is a creative zone housing various enterprises and institutions of the leisure and creative industries for software, information service, advertising, media, design, photography, banking and investment etc. The park is aimed to be Wenzhou’s wisdom valley to promote the upgrading of the city’s traditional industries.

Covering a total construction area of 50,000 square meters, Wenzhou Creative Software Park uses and reconstructs the old plants of the former Wenzhou Huawai Refrigerator Factory and retains the original building style to offer a creative office environment for those stationing companies. In the center of the park is a 100-meter-long street accompanies with a long pool and connected to the leisure square. On both sides of the street sit different design studios, offices and exhibition center. Transforming from old plants, offices in the park generally have a big space with the floor height going above 4.2 meters, creating an inspiring and comfortable working environment. Meanwhile, the large outdoor space in the park together with various cafes, bookstores and lounges offers a great shelter from work.

Dong’ou Think Tank

wenzhou dongou think tank

Sitting at Hongyuan Road (宏源路) and neighboring the Yangfushan City Park in Wenzhou, Dong’ou Think Tank is a creative park in the former Liming Industrial Zone, once a manufacturing hub of shoes, cigarette lighters, optical glasses and shavers. As small factories gradually move out of the city’s urban area, the industrial zone turns into a creative park by reconstructing the old plants into different studios, offices, creative restaurants and cafes.

With a planned area of 200,000 square meters, Dong’ou Think Tank is expected to be a regional hub for creative and leisure industries. Since its opening in the late 2011, more than 60 companies has stationed in the park to provide various creative-related services and products, including creative design, brand planning, industrial design, advertising, media, exhibition, performance, animation and creative restaurants etc.


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