Wenzhou High-Speed Trains

high speed train wenzhou

high speed train wenzhou

Travel Time between Wenzhou and Other Popular Cities in China by High-Speed Train

Wenzhou                Travel Time                              


34m ~ 41m
Taizhou 43m ~ 55m
Yiwu 1h31m ~ 1h55m
Ningbo 1h40m ~ 1h58m
Hangzhou 2h05m ~ 3h14m
Shaoxing 2h30m ~ 2h52m
Shanghai 3h28m ~ 4h36m
Nanjing 3h43m ~ 6h24m
Suzhou 3h57m ~ 5h04m
Fuzhou 2h ~ 2h51m
Xiamen 3h43m ~ 4h31m

Different Seats in a High-Speed Train

second class seat

       Second-Class Seat

       Five Seats in a Row


first class seat

            First-Class Seat

         Four Seats in a Row


business class seat

           Buiness-Class Seat

Difference between D-Type High-Speed Trains and G-Type

The main difference lies in the speed. The top speed of G-type trains is designed to reach 350 km/h, while the designed top speed of D-type trains is 250 km/h. Due to their different running speeds, the ticket fare of D-type trains is lower than that of G-type high-speed trains.

Other High-Speed Train Stations in Wenzhou

Besides Wenzhou South Train Station, the main high-speed train station in Wenzhou where all trains stop, there are 7 other high-speed train stations in the area of Wenzhou, namely Shenfang Station (绅坊站), Yandangshan Station (雁荡山站), Yueqing Station (乐清站), Yongjia Station (永嘉站), Cangnan Station (苍南站), Rui’an Station (瑞安站) and Aojiang Station (鳌江站). These smaller stations are located respectively in Yueqing City, Yongjia County, Cangnan County and Pingyang County in the suburban areas of Wenzhou. Also, not all high-speed trains will have a stop at these stations.

How to Buy High-Speed Train Tickets in Wenzhou?

The official website for railway ticket booking is 12306.cn, which currently only has a Chinese version. Some ticket booking websites may help you buy tickets online, but the payment sometimes is not easy with your foreign credit cards.

In Wenzhou, the most convenient way to get a high-speed train ticket is to buy at the train stations or those ticket outlets directly with your passport by cash. At the railway tickets outlets, you will be additionally charged 5 Yuan of service fee for each ticket you buy. At present, there are 24 railway ticket outlets in the downtown area of Wenzhou, most of which are quite easy to find.

Railway Ticket Outlets in the Downtown Wenzhou

• Nanzhan Ticket Outlet (南站火车票代售点) No. 836, South Feixiao Rd. (飞霞南路836号)

• Xizhan Ticket Outlet (西站火车票代售点 No.36, Lucheng Rd. (鹿城路36号)

• Xiaonanmen Ticket Outlet (小南门火车票代售点) No. 192, Xiaonan Rd. (小南路192号

• Lucheng Road Ticket Outlet (鹿城路火车票代售点) No.438, Lucheng Rd. (鹿城路438号)

• Wangjiang Road Ticket Outlet (望江路火车票代售点) No.167, East Huancheng Rd. (环城东路167号)

• Jiangjunqiao Ticket Outlet (将军桥火车票代售点) No.1571, Guojing Rd. (过境公路1571号)

• Shuixin Ticket Outlet (水心火车票代售点) No.311, West Ma’anchi Rd. (马鞍池西路311号)

• Minhang Road Ticket Outlet (民航路火车票代售点) No.6, Minhang Rd. (民航路6号)

• North Feixia Road Ticket Outlet (飞霞北路火车票代售点) No.44, North Feixia Rd. (飞霞北路44号)

• Hongdian Ticket Outlet (洪殿火车票代售点) No.166, Mid Liming Rd. (黎明中路166号)

• Xialvpu Ticket Outlet (下吕浦火车票代售点) No.7, Chunhui Rd., Xialvpu (下吕浦春晖路7号)

• South Feixia Road Ticket Outlet (飞霞南路火车票代售点) No.3, South Feixia Rd. (飞霞南路3号

• Shangdoumen Ticket Outlet (上陡门火车票代售点) No.177, Mid Xueyuan Rd. (学院中路177号)

• Xincheng Avenue Ticket Outlet (新城大道火车票代售点) Zhongyuan Building, No.149, Xincheng Ave. (新城大道149号中园大厦)

• West Yandang Road Ticket Outlet (雁荡西路火车票代售点) No.168, West Yandang Rd. (雁荡西路168号)


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