Public Bicycle in Wenzhou

Wenzhou launched the service of public bicycle sharing on September 22, 2012. Since then, public bicycles have been an indispensable transportation in the daily life of many Wenzhou people. Those orange bicycles in Wenzhou are becoming more and more popular among Wenzhou people to be a great alternative to private cars or pubic transportations for reducing traffic congestion, noise and air pollution.

wenzhou public bike

Along with the increasing numbers of public bicycles and bike-sharing stations in Wenzhou, the service range and the service hours have also greatly extended. As of the end of 2015, there are 22,018 pubic bicycles available in Wenzhou with 738 bike sharing stations in total. The bicycle sharing system has covered all four districts in Wenzhou, including Lucheng District, Ouhai District, Longwan District and Dongtou District, and most stations are able to offer around-the-clock services.

Meanwhile, an App for Wenzhou’s pubic bicycle sharing has been released for both Android and iOS phones to provide real-time information about bike-sharing stations and available bicycles.

Application for a Bicycle Rental Card in Wenzhou

• Applicants shall be aged between 16 and 70 years old with valid passport and residence permit.

• Applicants shall present their passports and residence permits together with the copies to the service center.

• Applicants shall fill in an application form with their signatures, and pay 300 Yuan as a refundable deposit, 100 Yuan as a pre-paid rent and 10 Yuan for the card cost.

Where to Apply

Bike-Sharing Service Center in Wenzhou

Lucheng Public Parking Lot Service Center (温州市鹿城区公共泊位管理服务中心)

Add: No. 92, Wuqiao Rd., Lucheng District, Wenzhou (温州市鹿城区吴桥路92号)

Such issues as card replacement, lost card reporting, card refund and card damage etc, card holders shall consult the service center.

Tel: 0086-577-55575557

Office Hours: 9:00—11:30; 13:30—17:00; Monday to Sunday

Charge for Renting a Bicycle

The first hour of bicycle use is free of charge. 1 Yuan is charged for the rental within 2 hours. For the rental longer than 2 hours, the rent is 2 Yuan per hour. The maximum charge for the rental within 24 hours is 20 Yuan.

How to Pick Up and Return a Bicycle

bike pickup     bike return

Bicycle Pickup
1. Place the rental card over the sensor on the top of the dock;
2. Collect the bicycle from the dock within 20 seconds after hearing a voice prompt of successful collection.

Bicycle Return
1. Push the bicycle into the dock;
2. Place your rental card over the sensor for 5 seconds until hearing a voice prompt of successful return.


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