Direct Flights between Wenzhou and Taipei Opened

direct flights between wenzhou and taipei opened

At 12:05 AM yesterday, the first plane carrying out the AE957 flight from Taipei to Wenzhou slowly slid into No.9 Parking Bay at Wenzhou Yongqiang Airport after a 55-minute flight, a fulfillment of the long-expected direct flights between Wenzhou and Taipei.

As a newly-added destination of the cross-strait direct flights, Wenzhou Yongqiang Airport has developed into one of the largest airports by passenger traffic among all airports of prefecture-level cities in China and upgraded to a Category-1 port. On December 20 last year, the national port authority approved the interim passenger charter flights between Wenzhou and Taipei and on February 24, the expansion of Wenzhou Yongqiang Airport’s opening was successfully checked and accepted by provincial authorities.

The launch of direct flights between Wenzhou and Taipei means that Wenzhou tourists do not need to transfer in other cities when traveling to Taiwan. The direct route between Wenzhou Yongqiang Airport and Taipei SongShan Airport is only 660 kilometers, so it only takes 80 minutes to fly to each other, making it the shortest route between the mainland and Taiwan. Every year, thousands of Taiwan travelers visit Wenzhou for sightseeing, relative visits and business and a large number of Wenzhou tourists travel to Taiwan also. The opening of the direct flights will help enhance the economic, cultural and life exchanges across the strait.

At present, the flights are carried out every Thursday and Sunday by E90 aircrafts with the flight number of AE957/8.


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