Export of Wenzhou’s Eyewear Exceeds 6 Billion Yuan Last Year

It is learned from the second session of the Seventh Council of Wenzhou Optometric and Optical Chamber of Commerce (WOOCC) on September 6th that the export of the eyeglasses industry in Wenzhou exceeded 6 billion yuan last year, the first time in nearly four years.

According to Xu Haizhou, Secretary-general of WOOCC, 788 million pairs of glasses were exported, which valued 6.389 billion yuan in total, up by 13.15% from a year earlier; among them, most were exported to the United States and the 28 member countries of European Union, measuring 2.240 billion yuan and 2.386 billion yuan respectively, up by 8.99% and 15.92% from a year earlier.

Wenzhou's eyeglasses enterprises above designated size have maintained steady growth in gross industrial production. In 2015 and 2016, their gross industrial production were 3.069 billion yuan and 3.681 billion yuan respectively, with growth rates of 20.4% and 13.6%. In 2017, 72 enterprises above designated size manufactured 144 million pairs of glasses, with an average unit price of 28.1 yuan and a total output value of 4.06 billion yuan, grown by 16.6%.

"The major eyewear enterprises in Wenzhou should take stock of the new pattern of the development and transformation in their industry, and join hands to seek opportunities for win-win cooperation and development." Lin Jiaqian, Chairman of this Chamber of Commerce, pointed out.

Wu Jianmin, Chairman of Zhejiang Optometric and Optical Association, said that Wenzhou is uniquely positioned as it has become the preferred destination for middle-end and high-end glasses brands at home and abroad to shift their manufacturing bases in recent years. While embracing major historical opportunities, Wenzhou is also faced with the challenges of insufficient capacity in production and research and development, as well as the absence of local middle-end and high-end glasses brands, which restrict the long-term development of the glasses industry in Wenzhou. In the process of the glasses industry shift, Wenzhou's glasses industry needs to maintain its advantage of high cost performance ratio, and invests more in original design and research in order to form a core competitiveness and achieve sustainable development.


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