Bond with Spain by Football

Real Betis Balompie (RBB) is not strange to all the La Liga fans. On September 12th, Wenzhou Sports Bureau singed a letter of intent on strengthening exchanges and cooperation with RBB, a Spanish football team. Therefore, Wenzhou and distant Seville are bound together.

RBB showed deep cultural deposits of Spanish football through its well-made publicizing film at the signing ceremony, leaving a very good impression on attendees. Founded in 1907 with a history of over 100 years, it is based in Seville, holding home games at the renowned Manuel Ruiz de Lopera with 52,500 seats. As one of the 9 La Liga winners, it finished in 6th place during the 2017-2018 season and enjoyed equal popularity with other strong teams of La Liga, such as Villarreal, Valencia and so on, only second to Real Madrid, Barcelona and Atlético Madrid.

In the course of 3-day trip, RBB delegation visited 5 schools, Wenzhou Xiushan Middle School, Wenzhou-Kean University, Shanghai United International School Wenzhou Campus, Wenzhou Experimental Primary School and Wenzhou No. 2 Foreign Language School, where they introduced the development of their club to each school and got informed of football classes run by those schools. General manager Mr. Ramon claimed that his team would make the most of their rich experience and advantages by dispatching excellent coaches to Wenzhou to carry out technical training.

Zhang Zhihong, director of Wenzhou Sports Bureau, claims that measures will be taken to promote student-student and coach-coach exchanges and cooperation in football education and teaching with RBB football schools.

Over the past few years, Wenzhou Sports Bureau has gained various achievements on foreign exchanges. It has collaborated with or are exploring the opportunities of cooperating with foreign countries, such as Italy, Switzerland, America, Britain and so on. In terms of football, 19 junior football players went to Juventus, Italy for study and exchanges last summer, realizing their football dreams. Besides, Wenzhou sports delegation paid a friendly visit to Italy to promote the international cooperation and exchanges at higher levels and in more fields.


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