Center of Preparation for Italy Opens in Rui’an, Wenzhou

On September 3rd, the first Center of Preparation for Italy in China opened in Rui'an, Wenzhou, mainly providing free counseling and training for Chinese immigrants to Italy for family reunion.

It is learned that the Center offers training programs related to basic Italian language, culture, constitution, the obligations of foreigners, family rights, learning rights, medical rights, social support for low-income people, knowledge of labor market, labor laws and regulations and so on.

Zhang Ming, who is in charge of affairs concerning Association of New Generation of Italian-Chinese (ANGI) in Wenzhou, said that the Center is currently aimed at the specific groups who immigrate to Italy for family reunion. "When they are new in Italy, those people, especially some children and old people, will find it hard to adapt to life there. So we offer them counseling and training so that they can understand and integrate into Italian society as soon as possible."

Zhou Jiao, whose parents have been living in Italy for 15 years, plans to reunite with her parents after graduating from college next year. Upon hearing the news of counseling and training from the Center, Zhou Jiao was over the moon and said, "Now I can go there to learn Italian language and culture."

Zhou Jiao only learned about Italy from her parents and, by means of English and body language, barely communicated with Italians during her two visits to Italy. She said she wanted to learn Italian most, followed by Italian cuisine.

Regarding the opening of the Center in Rui'an, a relevant official in the Organization Department of Rui'an Municipal Party Committee said that Wenzhou being a famous hometown of overseas Chinese, overseas Wenzhouese were living in more than 100 countries and regions mostly in Europe. Among those Chinese in Italy, Wenzhouese account for 90%, among whom 61% are from Rui'an. Given this fact, the Italian Department of Labor and the State Administration for Foreign Experts Affairs P. R. China jointly launched the pilot work of Sino-Italian Talent Exchange (Turin - Wenzhou) and set up the Center of Preparation for Italy in Rui'an.


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