Wenzhou-Related Publications to be Collected

It is learned from the CPC Wenzhou Municipal Committee United Front Work Department that the World Wenzhouese Service Center (WWSC) will collect the documents, including paper and electronic publications, from Wenzhou people at home and abroad about figures, meaningful things and objects related to the city.

The Home of World Wenzhouese (HWW) construction project, including the WWSC, is considered to be the emotional landmark and spiritual home of the world Wenzhouese. The HWW will serve as a platform for displaying the Wenzhouese entrepreneurial and innovative spirit and history, for promoting the friendship and exchanges between local Wenzhouese and those overseas, and for facilitating overseas Wenzhouese investing in their hometown to achieve win-win results together with the locals.

It is understood that the collected documents will be permanently stored in the Wenzhou Municipal Library, and part of the books will be selected and stored in the Ou Study of the WWSC (Ou is the ancient name of present Wenzhou), which will hold lectures from time to time, and the authors, researchers and original collectors of the collected books will be invited to tell the book-related stories.

Both individuals and entities can donate their books. If the original books cannot be provided, the photographed, copied or scanned can be accepted. Upon donation, please provide the donators' corresponding addresses and contact information.


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