Wenzhou Nanxi Makes Its Debut on CCTV

It is learned from Wenzhou Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, TV, Press and Publication that during August 24-27, some representative plays of Ou Opera (Ou refers to Wenzhou) and Yongjia Kun Opera are scheduled to be performed in studio of CCTV's 2018 Chinese Opera TV Quiz and the episodes will be broadcast on CCTV during the National Day Holiday, so as to promote Wenzhou's folk operas across China and publicize Wenzhou's brand as the birthplace of Nanxi (Southern Opera, which came into being in about 12th century around the area of Wenzhou), the earliest mature drama form in China. At that time, viewers can appreciate a variety of clips of Wenzhou's southern folk opera on CCTV such as Zhang Xie zhuangyuan (Top Graduate Zhang Xie).

On August 24, a spectrum of famous clips of Yongjia Kun Opera, including Eating Chaff from Tale of the Pipa, was shown in the studio of CCTV's 2018 Chinese Opera TV Quiz. Nan Xianjuan, artist from Yongjia Kun Opera Troupe, won the applause from on-site spectators for her stunning performance in the opera highlight of Eating Chaff. During opera's performing period, two pieces of stone carving works from Qing Dynasty depicting representative works of Nanxi were also exhibited as stage property.

Written by Wenzhou Jiushan Book Club, an organization for writers and artists in Song Dynasty, Zhang Xie zhuangyuan (Top Graduate Zhang Xie) is the only extant texts of Nanxi in Song Dynasty. As the earliest and best preserved text of its kind, it maintains main features and performance forms of Nanxi. Therefore, it is nicknamed as the living fossil of operas and the first Chinese opera and is also regarded as an important archive for studying ancient Chinese opera.

Chinese Opera TV Quiz is composed of all kinds of quizzes related to Chinese operas. The Quiz combines stories, knowledge and basic rules of operas with fun. Xu Xintong, a young artist from Ou Opera Research Institute, and Xu Gesheng, a Yue Opera amateur performer from Wenzhou, succeeded to take part in the quiz after screening all candidates by CCTV. 


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