Wenzhou's Innovation Attracts Overseas and Domestic Media

This year, Wenzhou has made new innovative achievements. The following are just some examples. In its Ouhai District, a reform to facilitate farmers' financing is sped up, which is well received, and has reached its reforming goal for this year ahead of time. By the reform, farmers can be granted loans by a bank holding their assets as their trustee. Semir Co., Ltd. is accelerating its innovation, and has invited Boston-based BCG, a world-famous consultation company, to make a scientific planning for its development. Over 75 enterprises, each with an annual output of more than RMB 100 million, have settled in the Yueqing Economic Development District, which serves as a principal platform for the county-level city's industrial economy.

On September 7, the interviews, themed with To be Pioneers to Carry Forward  Innovation, were conducted in multiple parts of Wenzhou to better tell the stories of Wenzhou, and transmit the voice of Wenzhou, publicizing Wenzhou's development history of 40 years since the reform and opening up. Among the interviewers are more than 50 national, provincial and local municipal-level media, overseas Chinese media, and new media, including Xinhua News Agency, China Business Times, and Nordic Chinese Newspaper. The interviews were made with Ouhai's farmers on the new mode of their obtaining loans, and with Semir (Group) Co. Ltd., Chint Group, Yueqing Mico- and Small Intelligent Electric Appliance Enterprises Park, Hillside sea view Inns in Dongtou District, Hongre Pavillion (where free food is provided), and Citizen Center. The reporters are most impressed by the highlights and features of Wenzhou's urban and rural development. 

"In order to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the reform and opening up, our newspaper planned a special report on 40 Years and 40 Cities, among which Wenzhou is indispensible", said Mr. Sun Weiwei, a staff reporter of the China Business News, who is satisfied with the interviews, through which she has collected a lot of materials needed. " It is hard to get so much information through one time of interview in Wenzhou. The event is a golden chance to obtain news.” 


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