Intangible Cultural Heritages to be Shown at Centuries-Old Quxi Fair in Wenzhou

quxi fair cultural heritage

This Wednesday will be February 1 on the Chinese lunar calendar, when the annual Quxi Fair will take place in Quxi, an old town in the southwest Wenzhou. The festival fair this year will be lasting 5 days from March 9 to 13, during which more than 40 intangible cultural heritages in Wenzhou are to be shown on Laojie, an old street in Quxi.

The traditional fair in Quxi dates back to 200 years ago when people from surrounding areas gathered to visit relatives and purchase farming tools and materials for the new year. This year, the local government plans to set up a special zone to display Wenzhou’s intangible cultural heritages on Laojie in Quxi. At the fair, visitors can enjoy the whole working processes of different folk arts, including color-stone inlaying, paper making, lanterns in various bird shapes, figurine-making using rice flour and paper carving etc. Meanwhile, tourists can also buy some traditional handcrafts for collection and taste Wenzhou’s folk delicacies like wheat cake, dried sweet potato and home-made rice wine etc.

In addition to the display of Wenzhou’s traditional folk arts, other cultural activities are also on the schedule, including performances put on Laojie, a forum for intangible cultural heritage, an exhibition of snacks and delicacies from different areas of China. During the fair, Zhenqing Book House, an old resident house in Quxi, are to be used as an exhibition hall for Hanfu (Han Chinese traditional clothing), and Laojie will be decorated with different lanterns with people in Hanfu cruising to show traditional Chinese culture. On March 10, the local government will organize a forum to discuss the protection and development of old towns in the former residence of Qijun, a famous Chinese writer born and brought up in Quxi.


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