Wenzhou Plans to Hold Trade Fair in Brazil

wenzhou plans to hold trade fair in brazil

It is learned from Wenzhou Bureau of Commerce, the city plans to hold Wenzhou Export Commodities Fair in San Paulo, Brazil in September this year to promote “Made in Wenzhou” in emerging markets and help Wenzhou enterprises develop new markets.

Having the experience of holding a trade fair in Bombay, Indian, Wenzhou is going to organize around 100 Wenzhou enterprises with international competitiveness to take part in the export commodities fair to be held by the municipal government of Wenzhou in Brazil to help them win more orders.

According to an official notice from Wenzhou Bureau of Commerce, 45 trade fairs are listed as key international fairs in the year of 2016, including the Bombay fair and the Brazil fair sponsored by the municipal government of Wenzhou. Meanwhile, the government will offer subsidies to those enterprises joining in the key international fairs. Among all 45 key international fairs, 39 are held abroad and 6 at home, most of which are reputed trade fairs in different industries in the world, covering shoes, garment, glasses, pumps and valves, low-voltage electrical equipment, electronic appliance, home supplies, food, leather, automotive parts, office supplies and printing etc.


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