Visa on Arrival Application to be Available in Wenzhou

visa on arrival wenzhou

News came yesterday from Wenzhou Municipal Office for Port Services that the State Council had officially approved the availability of port visa application at Wenzhou Airport. It means that foreigners can land in Wenzhou by directly applying visa on arrival at the airport in the near future.

Port visa, also called visa on arrival is for those foreigners who needs to travel to China in case of emergency and cannot obtain the Chinese visa by the Chinese oversea embassies / consulate-generals in time. They can apply for the port visa at the designated entry port in China. In Zhejiang Province, Hangzhou is the first city approved to issue visa on arrival. This time, Wenzhou and Ningbo are newly approved to provide such service.

According to the statistics from Wenzhou Municipal Office for Port Services, there are around 3000 resident foreigners in Wenzhou at present and every year 150,000 man-times of foreigners visit Wenzhou for business, investment and other purposes. “In the past years, many foreigners had to come to Wenzhou for different emergencies, but they did not arrange their visas properly in advance. As Wenzhou was not authorized to issue port visa, they had to first land in Shanghai or Hangzhou for visa on arrival and then came to Wenzhou, which was quite inconvenient.”

Last August, Wenzhou submitted to higher authorities for the approval of issuing visa on arrival in Wenzhou and finally made it. Since the approval from the State Council, Wenzhou has been making necessary preparations for the final examination and inspection by relevant state authorities to provide visa on arrival service.


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