Wenzhou Exporters Apply More Certificates of Origin in January

According to the statistics from Wenzhou Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau, the number of certificates of origin applied by Wenzhou exporters was on the rise in January, 2016, during which the bureau issued 10,146 certificates of origin, a 26.10% year-on-year growth. The total value of related exports reached USD 33.1 million, increasing by 11.71% year on year. The importers will thus enjoy USD 16.5375 million in tariff reduction and exemption.

Among all importing countries, the importers from Korea and Australia are more enthusiastic about getting certificates of origin. Since China-Australia and China-Korea free trade agreements took effect in the end of 2015, more and more products have been exported to the two countries. In January, the bureau issued 587 certificates of origin form for China-Australia free trade agreement with the value of related exports amounting to USD 12.6978 million and 221 certificates of origin form for China-Korea free trade agreement with the value of related exports reaching USD 5.2003 million.


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