Wenzhou's Trade with Russia Doubles Year-on-Year with Shoes Export Soaring

wenzhou trade with russia doubles year on year with shoes export soaring

Along with Russian Premier Putin’s visit to China, Sino-Russia trade has attracted great attention. According to the statistics from Wenzhou Customs, Wenzhou has exported 5,130 standard containers of goods from January to August this year at a total value of 199 million USD, respectively rising by 96.17% and 104.2% year-on-year, which means Russia has become one of the fastest-growing markets of Wenzhou products.

Among various exports to Russia, Wenzhou shoes with a great competitiveness are no doubt the main products. According to Wenzhou Customs, from January to August this year, Wenzhou’s total export of shoes reaches 163 million USD, an 112.37% increase over the same period of last year. As for those leading shoes exporters in Wenzhou, such as Zhejiang Qiwei Shoes Industry and Zhejiang Yimaida Shoes etc, the growth of their export to Russia from January to August this year have all exceeded 100%.

Russia’s Centro Ltd is a large-scale trader specialized in purchasing shoes and small commodities etc from Wenzhou and other areas of China and exporting them to Russia. Its business volume accounts for 60% of Wenzhou’s total export to Russia. This year, the company’s business has grown continuously with its total purchases from Wenzhou in the first eight months breaking through 2,600 standard containers.

In order to help Wenzhou products go into the Russia market timely and smoothly, Wenzhou customs has taken effective measures to assist Wenzhou exporters with their customs clearance in Russia by issuing an additional customs clearance form and helping exporters accurately control goods weight etc.


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