The Biggest Cargo Ship Ever Made in Wenzhou is Expecting its Trial at Year End

the biggest cargo ship ever made in wenzhou is expecting its trial at year end

Yesterday, at Huanghua Wharf in Yueqing City of Wenzhou, the biggest bulk cargo carrier ever made in Wenzhou’s ship-building history with its deadweight capacity up to 52,000 tons was under external decoration. The ship is to be launched at the end of this month and will make its trial at the year end, which will mark the end of the history that no cargo ship over 50,000 tons has ever been built in Wenzhou.

At a total length of 199.98 meters, the ship is built jointly by Xintian Shipyard of Xinshun Shipyard Group and Wenzhou Huashun Shipping with its molded width of 32.26 meters, its molded depth of 16.60 meters and its endurance of 7,000 sea miles. The ship is built in 18 months at a total cost of around 200 million Yuan. Its completion makes the history of Wenzhou being able to build ships over 50,000 tons and turns a new page of Wenzhou’s ship-building industry. At present, workers are busy debugging main engines, pipelines and circuits etc in different holds of the ship. Meanwhile, the ship body is under a final decoration.

Currently, Yueqing’s ship-building industry is gradually developing to build large-tonnage and high-end ships. Before the year of 2004, those shipyards in Yueqing were only able to build cargo vessels lower than 5,000 tons and their building technologies could not meet international requirements. Now, the deadweight of this ship has reached the highest standards – standards of German Lloyd.

Nowadays, it has been a world trend to lower the vessel age. Many countries have clearly required to lower the maximum age of vessels from 30 years to 25 years. Meanwhile, International Maritime Organization requires that all single-hull oil tankers be replaced in the world. Thus, a large quantity of ships built before 1985 in China need to be upgraded or replaced. Now, ship owners generally require new vessels at 30,000 tons or above 50,000 tons. The building of this 52,000-ton bulk cargo carrier will bring great confidence to Wenzhou’s ship-building industry.


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