How Does a Wenzhou Company Achieve What Philips Can Not?

In the exhibition hall of Zhejiang Couson Electronics Technology Co., Ltd., display induction lamps (electrodeless lamps) of the largest power, the most energy-efficiency and the smallest power in the world, which makes Couson leading in the world induction lamp industry.

Zhao Xianfeng, general manager of Zhejiang Couson Electronics Co., Ltd., was original in the trading industry. His setting foot on a hi-tech industry from a traditional industry is somewhat unexpected. However, Zhao’s decision is not blind. He likes the manufacturing industry, but there are too many competitors in those traditional industries like shoes-making and garment etc. So, what he chooses is something that is related to hi-technology with a growth prospect and that not much attention has been paid to. Induction lamp is just the one.

In 2008, Zhao partnered with Huang Chengmin, his friend, managing a large electronics wholesaling market in Hangzhou then, and recruited 20 experts in different fiends in China. In the same year, an induction lamp research center was established in Shanghai Donghua University. The next year, Couson signed a 10-year contract with Zhejiang University to build up a joint research center for the technical breakthroughs in power controller and coupler.

The research and development of the new induction lamp is tough enough. Its lightness is much higher than that of energy-saving lamp, and six times more than filament lamp. However, when its power goes up by 1 watt, the development difficulty will increase by geometric progression, which even brings great problems to such big names as Philips etc. During the research and development, the cooperation between the Shanghai research center and the Hangzhou center played an important role. Finally, they conquered the problem of the big loss of the product’s amplifier efficiency switch due to the high power, one which had never been solved in the induction lamp industry. The breakthrough also led to Couson’s bringing out a 400W induction lamp, the one of the highest power in the world. Then, the company turned to the induction lamps of low powers and made a great success to be a world leading induction lamp manufacturer.


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