Wenzhou Wine Import Doubles to Reach 5,240 Tons in 2011

wenzhou wine import doubles in consecutive years to reach 5240 tons in 2011

Wenzhou’s wine import has doubled in consecutive years from 1,219 tons in 2009, 2,474 tons in 2010 to 5,240 tons in 2011. Last year, the total import reached USD 25.241 million. Along with the strategy by the Wenzhou government to make Wenzhou a center for imported wine, the trade of Wenzhou’s imported wine has grown rapidly. Up to now, there are 138 imported wine distributors in Wenzhou with 165 overseas suppliers.

Wenzhou’s imported wine mainly comes from 12 countries. Among all wine imported, French wine is most popular to reach 2,345 tons, a worth of USD 11.2 million, taking up nearly half of the total import last year. Also, wine from Italy and Spain is well received. According to incomplete statistics, the average price of wine imported into Wenzhou was USD 4.8 per liter last year, a bit lower than USD 5.5 per liter, the average import price of wine imported into China, as the majority of the wine imported into Wenzhou was of a low price.

Though the import price is not high, the quality of Wenzhou’s imported wine can still be guaranteed. Most imported wine in Wenzhou is bottled overseas with original bottles, which in some extent avoid possible quality problems incurred in domestic bottling. Meanwhile, the import watchdog of Wenzhou has also enhanced their supervision and inspection over the wine imported for the first time or at a low price to ensure the wine safety. To accelerate the building of Wenzhou into a center of imported wine distribution, more measures by the government will be taken with regard to the import, storage, management and inspection of imported wine.


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