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Xuanda Industrial Group Co., Ltd was established in 1990, manufacturing and supplying various kinds of lined valves and normal valves for oil and gas industry, petro-chemical, chemical industry, metallurgy, foodstuff, paper making and construction, sulfuric acid plant etc. The company is a specialist in the design and manufacture of lined valves. Our valves are the best choice for corrosive application or service. It includes lined valve and steel valve (for example: ball valve, gate valve, check valve, butterfly valve, globe valve; lined butterfly valve, lined ball valve, lined plug valve, lined check valve, lined globe valve, Lined Diaphragm Valve, plastic valve).

The company has a professional engineering team committed to energy saving and environment protection technology development and application. working on environmental protection technology development and application, and environmental protection project construction and management in chemical, metallurgical, resources industries. In addition, we have a world-leading edge in sulfuric acid industry.

Our five products are certified as National New Products. They are: Modified Polypropylene Lined Valve, Plastic Lined Wafer Butterfly Valve( Sulfur Acid Application),610℃ Triple Offset Metal Sealed Butterfly Valve, 1200℃ High Temperature Controlled Butterfly Valve, High Temperature Concentrated Sulfuric Acid Under Water Pump. Meanwhile, 1200℃ High Temperature Controlled Butterfly Valve and XDS Special Stainless Steel Material are listed in the National Torch Program. In additional, our other twelve products are certified as Province New Products. Among of them, there are seven products acquired National Patent.

Main Products: General Valves, Special Alloy Valves, Lined Valves

Location: Oubei, Yongjia County, Wenzhou, China

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