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After many years’ development, Wenzhou has formed a complete industrial production system. Many products manufactured in Wenzhou are enjoying high popularity and taking up a high market share in China and even in the world, including electric equipment, shoes and accessories, clothing, printing and packaging machinery, valves and pumps, automobile and motorcycle parts, cigarette lighters, glasses, sanitary ware, playgrounds and toys, pens, synthetic leather, stainless steel, locks, and pens etc.

After many years’ development, Wenzhou has formed a complete industrial production system. Many products manufactured in Wenzhou are enjoying high popularity and taking up a high market share in China and even in the world, including electric equipment, shoes and accessories, clothing, printing and packaging machinery, valves and pumps, automobile and motorcycle parts, cigarette lighters, glasses, sanitary ware, playgrounds and toys, pens, synthetic leather, stainless steel, locks, and pens etc.

Shoes & Accessories

wenzhou shoes

As a local traditional industry, shoes-making in Wenzhou has a history of over 800 years. At present, there are more than 2,000 shoes-making companies in Wenzhou to produce over 1,000 million pairs of different shoes every year, accounting for 25% of the total shoes production in China and one eighth in the world. In September 2001, Wenzhou was officially named as China’s Shoes Capital supplying men’s shoes, ladies’ shoes, children’s shoes, boots, sandals and safety shoes etc. In Wenzhou, most shoes manufacturers are clustered in three areas, Lucheng District, Yongjia County and Rui’an City. In addition, there are thousands of enterprises in Wenzhou engaged in shoes-related businesses, which supply shoes-making machines, shoes accessories, soles and leather to shoes factories. The establishment of a complete shoes-making system with professional division and collaboration has been a key factor for the fast development of Wenzhou’s shoes making industry.

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wenzhou locks

Wenzhou is a major manufacturing cluster for different locks in China. As of 2012, there are over 400 lock manufacturers in Wenzhou, which are mainly concentrated in the suburban areas of Ouhai District, Longwan District and Lucheng District. The annual output of locks in Wenzhou reaches 600 million pieces, a large number of which are exported abroad. Wenzhou’s lock factories manufacture different types of locks, including door locks, bicycle locks, motorcycle locks as well as those high-tech IC card locks, keypad locks, inductive locks and fingerprint locks etc, among which locks for vehicles take up a big share in the market of China. In addition, some lock companies in Wenzhou are among China’s top lock manufacturers for the high quality and excellent design of their lock products.

Φ List of Lock Manufacturers in Wenzhou

Valves & Pumps

wenzhou valves

Wenzhou is an important manufacture base of pumps and valves. As of 2012, there are over 2,900 pump and valve manufacturers in in Wenzhou, most of which are located in Oubei Town in Yongjia County and Longwan District. In 2012, the total output of Wenzhou’s pump and valve industries reached 29 billion Yuan, about 28% of the national output, and the export of Wenzhou’s pumps and valves came to 1 billion US dollars. Different types of pumps and valves produced in Wenzhou, including gate valve, butterfly valve, ball valve, plunger valve, globe valve, centrifugal pump, vacuum pump, gear pump, magnetic drive pump and hydraulic pump etc are widely used in various fields, such as oil, chemical, hydropower and pipelines etc.

Φ List of Valve & Pump Manufacturers in Wenzhou


wenzhou eyewear

Wenzhou is one of four eyewear production clusters in China with over 80% of its glasses exported to overseas markets. In 2012, Wenzhou’s glasses manufacturers harvested a total export of 75,521 US dollars. The majority of Wenzhou’s glasses manufacturers are concentrated in Lucheng District, Ouhai District and Rui’an City, and in particular the industrial zone in Louqiao of Ouhai District accommodates dozens of major glasses factories in Wenzhou. Wenzhou’s eyewear industry supplies a wide range of products, including optical frames, sunglasses, reading glasses, lens, spectacle cases and accessories, and related machinery. Wenzhou International Optics Fair (WOF) has developed into a reputed optical trade show in China, which is held annually in Wenzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center.

Φ List of Eyewear Manufacturers in Wenzhou

Cigarette Lighters

wenzhou lighters

The lighter industry was once a pillar industry in the early 2000s. However, due to the trade barriers in overseas markets as well as the rising costs of labor force and raw materials, Wenzhou’s lighter industry has shrunk. As of 2012, there are around 100 lighter manufacturers in Wenzhou, mainly producing metal lighters. In 2013, 92.8574 million pieces of cigarette lighters were exported to Europe, Japan, America and Russia etc with a total value of 77.3861 million US dollars. Besides cigarette lighters, Wenzhou’s lighter factories also manufacture various related products, including burning torch, cigarette holder, pipe, cigarette case, cigar cutter and tobacco grinder etc.

Φ List of Cigarette Manufacturers in Wenzhou

Electric Equipment

wenzhou electric equipment

Wenzhou is reputed as China’s Capital of Electric Equipment with a dozen of manufacturers among China’s top suppliers of electrical equipment. The industrial cluster of electric equipment production in Yueqing City of Wenzhou is one of China’s major manufacture bases of electric equipment. As of 2012, there are about 500 large and medium sized enterprises of electric equipment in Wenzhou, among them CHINT, People Electrical Appliance and DELIXI enjoy a great reputation in the industry. Wenzhou’s electric equipment manufacturers produce a wide range of electric products, including high and low voltage electrical equipment, power transmission and distribution equipment, instrument and meter, wire and cable, electric power fittings and electronic components etc. The annual China International Electric Power & Electric Engineering Technology Exhibition held in Liushi Town of Yueqing in Wenzhou has been a grand meeting in China’s electric equipment industry.

Φ List of Electric Machinery Manufacturers in Wenzhou

Clothing & Accessories

wenzhou clothing

Wenzhou’s clothing industry has won great fame in China with many famous brands in China, such as Meters / Bonwe, SEMIR and SHARMOON etc. In 2012, the export of Wenzhou’s garment and accessories reached about 1.862 billion US dollars. At present, there are more than 1,500 clothing manufacturers in Wenzhou, mainly in Lucheng District, Ouhai District, Rui’an City and Yueqing City, which produce men’s suits, leisure dresses, ladies’ garments, kids’ clothing, uniforms and related accessories etc. Many of the factories, employing most advanced garment machinery of those top brands in the world, has been partners with some of the world’s top brands.

Φ List of Clothing Manufacturers in Wenzhou

Synthetic Leather

wenzhou synthetic leather

Wenzhou is a major production base of synthetic leather in China. After many years’ development, Wenzhou’s synthetic leather industry has formed a unique and complete industrial chain to supply to the upstream shoes-making, luggage, clothing and furniture industries. At present, there are more than 100 synthetic leather manufacturers in Wenzhou, mainly in Longwan District, whose products take up a big share in the market and are exported all over the world. In 2012, the total export of Wenzhou’s synthetic leather came to 500 million US dollars. The annual China (Wenzhou) International Synthetic Leather Fair is attracting more and more overseas buyers. In addition, Shuitou Town in Pingyang County of Wenzhou gathers many factories of leather products, including belts, bags and wallets etc.

Φ List of Synthetic Leather Manufacturers in Wenzhou


wenzhou pens

Wenzhou’s pen-making industry takes an important position in both domestic and overseas markets. Longwan District is a major area accommodating pen-making factories in Wenzhou. In 2012, there are around 180 pen manufacturers in Wenzhou, producing 14 billion pens in total with a total export of 1.95 billion Yuan. These pen factories produce various types of pens, including ball pens, watercolor pens, propelling pencils, fountain pens, gel pens and makers etc. Meanwhile, other office supplies and stationeries have been gradually added to their production lines, such as erasers, set squares, files and rulers etc.

Φ List of Pen Manufacturers in Wenzhou

Auto Parts

wenzhou auto parts

As an important production base of automobile and motorcycle parts in China, Wenzhou has more than 700 large and medium sized auto parts manufacturers in 2012, which are mainly concentrated in Rui’an City, Ouhai District and Pingyang County. The export of Wenzhou’s auto parts in 2012 reached 697 million US dollars. Wenzhou’s auto parts factories are able to supply a wide range of automotive products, covering body accessories, engine accessories, brake pumps and valves, automotive electrical appliance, automobile air-conditioning, compressors and oil filters.

Φ List of Auto Parts Manufacturers in Wenzhou

Packaging Machinery

wenzhou packaging machinery

Rui’an City in Wenzhou is one of China’s three major production bases of printing and packaging machinery. At present, there are more than 1,000 packaging machinery manufacturers in Wenzhou, most of which are located in Rui’an City. Their machinery have been widely used in food, pharmaceutical, printing and plastics industries. Main products of Wenzhou’s packaging machinery factories include filling machine, bag-making machine, film-blowing machine, case-making machine, printing machine, sealing machine, wrapping machine, cutting machine and laminating machine etc.

Φ List of Packaging Machinery Manufacturers in Wenzhou

Playgrounds & Toys

wenzhou playgrounds

The industry of playgrounds and toys in Wenzhou has gradually developed into a big industry in recent years, and held more than half of the domestic market in China. At present, there are more than 300 manufacturers of playgrounds and toys in Wenzhou, most of which are concentrated in Qiaoxia Town in Yongjia County. Among them, Yonglang, Qitele and Kaiqi are three biggest players in the industry. Main products of Wenzhou’s playground and toy manufacturers include outdoor playgrounds, soft playgrounds, swings, seasaws, fitness equipment, plastic toys and children’s tables and chairs etc. In addition, Wenzhou’s pet toy industry has developed fast in recent years and there are dozens of pet toy manufacturers in Shuitou Town of Pingyang County in Wenzhou.

Φ List of Playground & Toy Manufacturers in Wenzhou

Sanitary Ware

wenzhou sanitary ware

Though the market share of Wenzhou’s sanitary ware industry has been declining in recent years, it is still a featured manufacture in Wenzhou. At present, there are more than 500 sanitary ware manufacturers in Wenzhou, the majority of which are concentrated in Haicheng area of Longwan District. The sanitary ware produced in Wenzhou have expanded from only faucets to a variety of kitchen and bathroom products, including handle, shower head, cup hold, towel shelf and cabinet etc.

Φ List of Sanitary Ware Manufacturers in Wenzhou

Stainless Steel

wenzhou stainless steel

The stainless steel industry in Wenzhou has been developing since the early 1980s with a big market share in China. At present, there are more than 400 manufacturers of stainless steel pipes, tubes and fittings in Wenzhou, most of which are located in the area of Longwan District. Besides those big factories supplying stainless steel plates, pipes and tubes, a lot of manufacturers in Wenzhou’s stainless steel industry are engaged in producing stainless steel fittings for different applications, including sanitary valves, flanges, elbows, manholes and pipe fittings etc.

Φ List of Stainless Steel Manufacturers in Wenzhou

Buttons & Zippers

wenzhou buttons zippers

Along with the development of Wenzhou’s clothing and shoes-making industries in Wenzhou, the industry of buttons and zippers has grown up rapidly to be an important industry in Wenzhou. As of 2012, there are over 400 manufacturers of buttons and zippers in Wenzhou, the majority of which are concentrated in the area of Qiaotou in Yongjia County as well as Ouhai District. Different raw materials are used by the button factories in Wenzhou to produce various types of buttons besides those common resin buttons and metal buttons, including coconut button, shell buttons, wooden buttons and animal bone buttons etc. As with the zippers manufactured in Wenzhou, they cover a wide range of types, including the classic metal and plastic zippers, coil zippers, invisible zippers, open-ended zippers and magnetic zippers.

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