Universities and Colleges in Wenzhou

Wenzhou University

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Established with the approval of the Ministry of Education of China, Wenzhou University is a comprehensive and regional institution of higher learning, which can be traced back to Wenzhou Normal College founded by the patriot Huang Suchu in 1933. It presents an atmosphere rich in culture and fine tradition. The university is located in the beautiful and prosperous city of Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province. The Chashan Campus and Xueyuanlu Campus altogether cover an area of 157 hectares. Its main campus (Chashan Campus) lies in the Wenzhou Higher Education Park with the Luoshan Mountains to its south and Sanyang wetlands to its north, the picturesque location provides an ideal place for both personal enrichment and academic learning.

Wenzhou University currently offers 6 master’s degree programs in broad disciplines, 39 in specific areas and 55 undergraduate bachelor degree programs covering the 9 disciplines of Literature, Science, Engineering, Law, Education, Economics, History, Management and Art. The university also offers high level programs in Organic Chemistry, Leather Chemicals Engineering, Material Science, Solid State Physics, Disaster Prevention, Protection Engineering and Ecology. The Arts are supported by high level courses in Literature, Arts Studies, Folk Art and Chinese Language and Characters.

Wenzhou University is actively expanding global engagement and continuously seeking internationalization of its educational endeavors. It has established cooperative relations with colleges, universities and research institutes from many countries and regions including the U.S., U.K., Canada, Italy, Australia, German, Singapore, Russia, Japan, Korea, Thailand and Taiwan. Wenzhou University has set up a Confucius Institute with the Burapha University of Thailand. It is among the first group of universities, approved by the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council, to recruit and provide instruction to foreign students in both Chinese Culture and Language. Currently it graduates about 200 international students every year.

Colleges Of Wenzhou University

School of Business

College of Law and Politics

College of Physical Education

College of Humanity

College of Foreign Languages

College of Music

College of Marxism

College of Mathematics & Information Science

College of Physics and Electric Information

College of Chemistry and Materials Science

College of Life & Environmental Science

College of Mechanical & Electrical Engineering

College of Computer Science & Engineering

College of Architecture & Civil Engineering

College of Adult & Further Education

Oujiang College

College of International Cooperation



Wenzhou Medical University

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Wenzhou Medical University (WMU) is a key institution of higher learning under the direct administration of Zhejiang Provincial Government. It can trace its origin to the former Zhejiang Specialized Medical School established in Hangzhou in 1912. In August 1958, a group of faculty were sent from Hangzhou to Wenzhou to help build up Zhejiang Second Medical College, which was ever since renamed Wenzhou Medical College after the city it is located.

WMU started its five-year undergraduate program in 1958 and master’s program in 1978, among the first institutions in China authorized to confer master’s degree. Now WMU has a primary discipline doctoral program of Clinical Medicine and a postdoctoral research station. There’re 8 primary discipline master’s degree programs involving Clinical Medicine, Nursing Science, Traditional Chinese Pharmacy, Biology, Biomedical Engineering, Preclinical Medicine, Chinese and Western Integrative Medicine, Pharmacology and 5 professional master’s programs. WMU is entitled to recommend her fresh graduates to further study for master’s degree by exempting them from the National Graduate Admission Test. WMU boasts one state key laboratory and 8 provincial or ministerial key laboratories (research centers), 4 provincial Top Priority programs and 10 provincial key programs.

WMU offers a 7-year program in optometry directly leading to master’s degree and 30 bachelor’s programs in the disciplines of medicine, science, engineering, administration, arts, law and education. At present, excluding the autonomous Renji College of WMU, the total enrollment of WMU amounts to 14000, of whom more than 80 are Ph. D candidates, over 2300 postgraduates working for master’s degree and 600 international students. With this complete educational system of higher learning, WMU covers a full range of programs from bachelor’s to master’s, from doctoral to post-doctoral study, from full-time to continuing education, not only for students from China mainland but also for students from abroad and from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan as well.

Schools of Wenzhou Medical University

School of Basic Medical Sciences

School of the 1st Clinical Medical Sciences

School of the 2nd Clinical Medical Sciences

School of Medical Lab Science

School of Life Sciences

School of Ophthalmology & Optometry

School of Public Health

School of Humanities & Management

School of Foreign Language Studies

School of Information and Engineering

School of Pharmaceutical Sciences

School of Nursing

School of Stomatology

School of Sports Science

School of International Studies



Wenzhou-Kean University

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Wenzhou-Kean University is a Chinese-American jointly established higher education institution with Independent legal person status and limited liabilities. On November 16th 2011, the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China approved the application of preparation on establishing Wenzhou-Kean University that is cooperatively run by Wenzhou University and Kean University USA.

Wenzhou-Kean University has been dedicated to the principle of “providing students with different ways of development” by introducing and referencing educational resources, critical missions and advanced patterns from prestigious universities in the US. Being well-knit with Chinese actual conditions and needs in developing regional economy and cultures, the University strives for excellence in building an international university with world-class education, which is fundamentally student-oriented, innovatively inclusive, diversely developmental and characteristically unique.

Wenzhou-Kean will develop about 5,000 on-campus students in the short term, while 8,500 students in midterm running. It primarily focuses on the development on undergraduate programs with relative elaboration in postgraduate education. The University is dedicated to the construction of specialty groups in Economics and Management, Technology and Mathematics, Arts Design, Education and Psychology, Health and Rehabilitation Sciences, etc.

Covering an area of 494 acres in land planning, the campus of Wenzhou-Kean University is located in a beautiful township called Li’ao in Wenzhou. The style of Chinese layout and the element of American university are embodied in the campus buildings and facilities. The University strives for building a humanistic ecological intellectual and outreach campus with merged Chinese and American cultures, extensive interactions between teachers and students, and autonomous learning.

Wenzhou-Kean University employs advanced ideology and administration system for faculty management from those prestigious American higher education institutions with sophisticated appointment system, and attracts and recruits highly talented professionals in compliance with world-class standards.

Wenzhou-Kean University will inherit the excellence from both parental universities. By complying with the aforementioned principle, Wenzhou-Kean, a world-class university will be built with first-class campus and facilities, professional faculty communities, academic research and maintenance services. It will undergo a complex process to achieve the final goal, but the University will strike for excellence in being an exceptional model for Sino-US cooperation in education with efforts from generation to generation.

Schools of Wenzhou-Kean University

School of Economics and Management

School of Education

School of Mathematics and Technology

School of Recovery Healthcare and Service Studies

School of Art and Design



Wenzhou Business College

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Wenzhou Business College (WZBC) was founded in May of 2016 with the official approval of the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China. Its predecessor was City College of Wenzhou University. Professor Li Yang, president of WZBC, was once vice-president of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. Professor Wang Luolin, honorary president of WZBC, was once member of the CPC Central Committee, standing vice-president of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and director of Policy Advisory Committee of Ministry of Commerce.

WZBC is a national pilot college practising educational system reform as well as a provincial pilot college preparing undergraduates distinctive for their mastery of applied technology. It is the only business-oriented institution of higher learning in southern Zhejiang. As suggested by the name, Wenzhou Business College takes business discipline as its mainstay while seeking a coordinated disciplinary system between economics and management one the one hand and engineering, literature, and art on the other hand. At present, WZBC offers twenty-three undergraduate programs and five junior college programs. Being closely geared to the needs of such causes as “National Financial Comprehensive Reform Pilot Area”, “Center for Modern Tertiary Industry and Port Logistics in Southern Zhejiang” and “Fashionable Wenzhou”, graduates of WZBC have been welcomed with an average employment rate of more than ninety-five percent in the past three years.

WZBC boasts an academic staff of high-caliber. Of the four hundred and seventy-six full-time teachers, thirty-five percent of whom are associate or full professors, and sixty-two percent of whom are conferred master’s or doctoral degrees. In addition, the college has launched a brain-gain project aiming to introduce one hundred scholars,one hundred entrepreneurs and one hundred industry experts in a flexible way.

WZBC has built five experimental teaching centers to serve its different disciplines, among which the Economic and Management Experimental Teaching Center has been listed as a model one in Wenzhou. At the same time, WZBC has formed seventy-two teaching practice bases with the help of enterprises and jointly set up special classes like “Alibaba Class”, “Shanghai Pudong Development Bank Class” and “Futures Order-form Class”.

To turn out competitive professionals and graduates, WZBC has established eleven research centers, to name a few, Zhejiang Service Center for Automobile and Motorcycle Spare Parts Technological Innovation, Wenzhou Research Center for Regional Economy and Private Capital, and Wenzhou Research Center for Financing Guarantee. Regional economy, non-governmental finance, development of small and medium-sized enterprises, and education of entrepreneurship are the core study objects of the mentioned institutions.

WZBC aims to be international. Students admitted into the college in and after the year of 2016 will be partly-funded to study or practice abroad. By doing so, students are expected to be a better version of themselves in terms of vision, quality and capability.

International School was set up to promote and take charge of WZBC’s international cooperation. The School has had ties with more than thirty overseas universities, some of which are University of Melbourne, University of Sydney, University of York, and University of Edinburgh. And a wide variety of international cooperation programs have been there for students to choose, study of 4+1, 3+1+1 and 2+2 both at home and abroad being one of them. Collegiate visits, student and teacher exchanges, short-term study, paid internships are also available. Over five hundred students are now registered in those programs.

Schools of Wenzhou Business College

School of Foreign Languages and International Trade 

School of Finance

School of Management 

School of Accounting 

School of Information Science and Technology 

School of Art and Design 

School of Continuing Education 

International School 



Wenzhou Vocational & Technical College

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Wenzhou Vocational and Technical College, founded with the approval of the State Ministry of Education, is a full-time public college. The college is situated in the beautiful Wenzhou University Town, covering an area of 558 thousand square meters with a building area of 239,000 square meters. The college’s library owns 1.08 million copies of books. 436 full-time teachers are working for this college, 158 of whom have high professional qualifications.

Wenzhou Vocational and Technical College offers 33 specialties in 8 departments, covering pillar industries and specific trades in the Southern Zhejiang Province. Now more than 9000 full-time students are studying at the college, and it is the only college which has been issued the right to recruit students by its own entry standard in Wenzhou.

Wenzhou Vocational and Technical College is taking a multi-level and systemic practical teaching system relying on the industries and corporations. It has 14 major on-campus training centers, including State Model Training Center of Digital Control Technology, Provincial Model Shoe-making Technique Training Center, Wenzhou Model Technical Talent Training Center for High and Low Voltage Electrical Equipment. The college has also established 24 creativity service centers and research centers in different levels with its annual technological research income exceeding 5 million Yuan.

Majors in Wenzhou Vocational and Technical College

Mechanical Engineering

Electrical & Electronic Engineering

Art Design

Architectural Engineering

Computer Science

Business Administration

Finance & Accounting




Zhejiang Industry & Trade Vocational College

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Zhejiang Industry and Trade Vocational College, affiliated to Hangzhou Iron and Steel Group, is a state-run full-time college under Zhejiang provincial government. The history of the college dates back to the establishment of the technical school by the former Wenzhou Metallurgical Plant in 1960. In 1999, approved by the Zhejiang provincial government, a vocational college was set up by reforming and uniting the plant and the technical school. From a plant running school to a college running plant, it has explored a unique road of developing a vocational college of education-and-service style through the integration of college and enterprises.

The college covers a total land of 95.5 acres with nearly 10,000 full-time students and over 500 teaching and administrative staff. Among dozens of the majors, there is now 1 national quality major, 3 provincial key majors, 4 provincial model majors, and 8 provincial brand majors. By closely cooperating with governments, economic sectors and enterprises, the college has formed a new college-running mode of integrating talents training and social services.

To meet the development of the local pillar industries like advanced materials, modern manufacturing, electronic information, science and technology, finance, and light industry, the college established 21 research centers. From 2006 to 2010, these centers offered services to enterprises in the fields of technology development, popularization and patent transaction, and completed 181 research projects. A complete system of intermediary service of science and technology is formed in the college.

Schools and Departments of Zhejiang Industry and Trade Vocational College

School of Economy and Trade

School of Management

School of Information and Communications

School of Auto and Mechanical Engineering

Department of Light Industry

Department of Electronic Engineering

Department of Material Engineering (R&D Center of Modern Manufacturing Technology and Advanced Materials

Department of Humanities




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