Shopping in Wenzhou

Shopping Malls

shopping mall wenzhou

There are mainly four shopping malls in Lucheng District, the city center of Wenzhou, including Kaitai Department Store, Intime Department Store, Times Square and the high-end Fortune Shopping Mall, where you can find most well-known Chinese brands and some world-famous luxury brands. In addition, in some newly-developed areas of Ouhai District and Longwan District, a couple of grand shopping malls have opened to attract more and more Wenzhou shoppers, including Daxiyang Intime City, The MixC and Wanda Plaza. Most of shopping malls in Wenzhou are one-stop shopping, dining and entertainment places where shoppers can find different stores, supermarkets, restaurants, cinemas and cafes. 

@ Wenzhou Intime Dept. Store 银泰百货

@ Wenzhou Times Square 时代广场

@ Wenzhou Fortune Shopping Mall 财富购物中心

@ Wenzhou Kaitai Dept. Store 开太百货

@ Longwan Wanda Plaza 龙湾万达广场

@ The MixC 万象城

@ Daxiyang Intime City 大西洋银泰城


wenzhou supermarkets

Some world-leading supermarkets have set foot on Wenzhou, including Lotus Supermarket (易初莲花) and Wal-Mart (沃尔玛) etc. Wal-Mart has entered the market by acquiring Trust-Mart’s three stores in Wenzhou. On the other hand, some local Chinese supermarkets like Century Mart (世纪联华) and C&U Supermarket (人本超市) are also popular choices of Wenzhou’s local people for shopping daily life necessaries. C&U has also run more than 100 convenience stores around the city.

@ Wal-Mart Sports Center Store (Wenzhou Sports Center 温州体育中心)

@ Wal-Mart Dananmen Store (Hongying Building, Danan Rd. 大南路)

@ Wal-Mart European City Store (European City 欧洲城)

@ Lotus Center 易初莲花 (Shangjiang Rd. 上江路)

@ Century Mart Nanguo Store (Nanguo Building, Jinxiu Rd. 锦绣路)

@ Century Mart Antai Store (Antai Building, Hualongqiao Rd. 划龙桥路)

@ C&U Supermarket Xueyuan Rd. Store (Middle Xueyuan Rd. 学院中路)

@ C&U Supermarket Bailuzhou Store (Bailuzhou Park 白鹿洲公园)

@ Yonghui Superstores Wanda Plaza Store (龙湾万达广场)

@ Yonghui Superstores Daxiyang Intime City Store (大西洋银泰城)

Imported Food Marts

wenzhou imported goods

As a foreigner, if you have a plan to stay in Wenzhou for a long time, maybe you also want to get some authentic Western supplies frequently after you get tired of Chinese cuisine and miss the food from your hometown. In Wenzhou, there are several places for imported food, including Fortune Imports Mart at Fortune Shopping Mall and Ole at the MixC. Also, most big supermarkets in Wenzhou have set up a separate section specially for Western food.

@ Olé at the MixC (万象城)

@ Fortune Imports Mart (Fortune Shopping Mall 财富购物中心)

@ YH BRAVO at Daxiyang Intime City (大西洋银泰城)

Markets for Clothes & Shoes

wenzhou shoes clothing markets

Next to Wenzhou Train Station (温州火车站), there are some big markets for cheap clothes and shoes, where you generally need to bargain to get a good price. If you are interested in bringing back some kids’ clothes home for your children, Jiefang Street (解放街) in the city center will be a good choice. In addition, on the Renmin Road (人民路) sits a shoes market (温州鞋城) for wholesaling and also retailing.

Markets for Digital Devices & Mobile Phones

electronic markets wenzhou

Currently, there are mainly two markets for digital devices in the city center of Wenzhou where you can find laptops, digital cameras, computers, printers and other related accessories of different brands. One is called Wenzhou Digital Plaza (温州数码广场) on West Liming Road (黎明西路) and the other is Wenzhou Computer Market (温州电脑市场) on East Renmin Road (人民东路).

As for mobile phones, you can directly go to those franchise stores authorized by different mobile phone makers or those mobile operators like China Mobile and China Unicom on East Renmin Road (人民东路) close to Wuma Street, where generally you cannot bargain over the prices. Also, on the same road is a big mobile phone market called Wenzhou Zhongqiao Communications Market (温州中侨通讯市场) mainly for mobile phones of different brands and quality.

Shopping for Wenzhou Local Specialties

local souvenir wenzhou

When you visit Wenzhou for the first time, you may want to bring back home some local specialties of Wenzhou as souvenirs or gifts to your friends. Since Wenzhou is a renowned manufacturing center in China for many light industrial products, cigarette lighter, glasses, shaver and shoes etc are considered featured local specialties of Wenzhou. In addition, you can also choose from those local crafts with a long history including wood carvings, stone sculpture, Ou embroidery and hair embroidery etc, or some local food specialties, such as duck tongue, smoked chicken and fish cake. Wenzhou Tourist Shopping Center at Wenzhou Stationery Market (温州文化用品市场) on Wenchang Road (文昌路) offers a fast and convenient shopping experience for tourists who are seeking for local specialties of Wenzhou.


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