Leisure and Sports in Wenzhou

City Parks

@ Sanyang Wetland 三垟湿地 @ Zhongshan Park 中山公园
@ Ma’anchi Park 马鞍池公园 @ Xiushan Park 绣山公园
@ Yangfushan City Park 杨府山城市公园 @ Bailuzhou Park 白鹿洲公园
@ Mochi Park 墨池公园 @ Jiushan Park 九山公园

Amusement Parks

@ Wenzhou Amusement Park (Chashan, Ouhai District 瓯海区茶山)

@ Wenzhou Jiangxin West Park Waterworld (江心西园)

Wenzhou Zoo

Admission: 50 Yuan

Route: Go to any bus stations along Xueshan Rd., and then take Bus No.4 (Jingshan Special Line) to the final stop.


@ Stadium of Wenzhou Sports Center 温州体育中心体育场

@ Jiushan Stadium of Wenzhou Sports School 温州体校九山体育场

Swimming Pools

@ Swimming Pool of Wenzhou Medical University 温州医学院游泳馆

@ Swimming Pool of Wenzhou Sports Center 温州体育中心游泳馆

@ Jiushan Swimming Pool of Wenzhou Sports School 温州体校九山游泳馆

@ Dong’ou Swimming Pool 东瓯游泳池

Badminton Courts

@ Feihong Badminton Court 飞宏羽毛球馆 (Putaopeng Rd.)

@ Badminton Court of Wenzhou Exhibition Center 温州会展中心羽毛球馆

@ Tiandu Badminton Court 天都羽毛球馆 (Xinghai Rd.)

@ Bayi Badminton Court 八一羽毛球馆 (Xueshan Rd.)

@ Badminton Court of Wenzhou No.17 Middle School 十七中羽毛球馆

@ Huayuan Badminton Court 花园羽毛球馆 (Middle Liming Rd.)

@ Xinli Badminton Court 新立羽毛球馆 (Ge’an Rd.)

Fitness Clubs

@ Wenzhou East Fitness Club 温州东方健身俱乐部

    Locations: F2, Tianxiong Building, Xialvpu | F3, Wanfeng Plaza, Xinhe Street | European City

@ Wenzhou Bysun Fitness Center 温州百盛健身会所

    Locations: F3, Dongfang Building, Feixia South Rd. | F3, Zhongtian Building, Xincheng Avenue

@ Wenzhou First Fitness Club 温州飞速健身俱乐部

    Locations: Haitan Square, Jiangbin West Rd. | F19, Shunsheng Hotel

Tennis Courts

@ Wenzhou International Tennis Center 温州国际网球中心 (Yaoxi, Longwan District)

@ Tennis Court of Zhejiang Industry & Trade Vocational College 浙工贸网球场


@ Wenzhou Cajero Horsemanship Club 凯易路马术俱乐部 (Li'ao, Ouhai District 瓯海丽岙)

Golf Course

@ Wenzhou Orient Yangyi Country Golf Club 东方仰义乡村高尔夫俱乐部


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